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Breakfast Cult is a Fate Accelerated tabletop RPG about school days and the END OF DAYS, where a band of plucky high school students of the occult at Occultar Academy for Lovecraftian wizards are thrown into detention because SOME ASSHOLE decided to mess with a Keter Class artifact in the forbidden section downstairs.

It uses the eldritch Ancient Ones (read, lawyer friendly Great Old Ones) as a metaphor for various forces that make teenagers feel powerless at the hands of adults and adult society Ancient One spoilers ) It's dark comedy at it's finest.

Madoka Mawaru is an example character, suitable for play as a starting character or as an NPC. This, in particular, is her as Secret Agenda spoilers )

She's a wheelchair-bound video game nerd in pretty much all the major geek clubs at school; no one knows how she keeps her grades up when her life outside of class is an endless parade of anime and competitive fighting games/RTSes. She's a decent computational sorcerer when armed with her Occultar Academy standard issue ePhone, which has apps for drawing summoning circles and casting spells as well as most of her textbooks.

She knows a LOT MORE about the Ancient Ones than maybe she should, and has been in the detention crew (AKA the Breakfast Cult) a lot when there were containment breaches. Madoka figures by now it's because the Headmaster wants her to keep solving those cases, which she has helped to do, multiple times.

She is super pissed that she was Infiltrating as someone who didn't know the King in Yellow from a Dairy Queen at Harrowgate, and coined the term "Screwfiltrated" to describe it.


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