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P L A Y E R;
NAME: Bliss
AGE: 32
PLAYER JOURNAL: None; PM many of my character accounts or Plurk me instead
CONTACT: [plurk.com profile] blissauthority
OTHER CHARACTERS PLAYED: Sara Smith, Frederika Bernkastel

C H A R A C T E R;
NAME: Madoka Mawaru
CANON: Breakfast Cult... OC? (Tabletop, recurring PC)
POINT IN CANON: Three-adventure veteran, having saved lives and survived the events of the published adventures Slamatai and Peer Pressure, as well as having tangled with SHUIZN in a tale I call The Fanfic Out Of Space.
AGE: 16


Years in the future, knowledge that magic exists is commonplace - as are various theorems of magic-derived Outer Science that manipulate higher dimensions for practically limitless energy, fast travel, reactionless drives, you name it. Also known, at the proper security levels, is that misuse of Outer Science poses an existential threat to humanity in that it attracts the attention of beings from universes hostile to our own, the Ancient Ones.

The Cold Ones, remnants of the last universe who embedded their True Names in the constants of our laws of physics - such as SHUIZN, who manipulates the world through ritually enacted storytelling tropes. False Idols, worshipped by deluded cults and preying upon our world through their rituals - such as Axis Mundi, the World Tree Of A Thousand Dimensions, whose followers are convinced that surrendering their minds to it's central processor trunk will prevent the heat death of the universe. The Eternal City of Yamatai, a colonialist nightmare of maddening order that seeks to make all Law and all culture bow to them. Sunrise Heavy Industries' proprietary industrial lubricant Nectar, in truth an alien parasitic substance with a will and a plan. The Land of Illusions, home of hostile youkai and capricious Fair Folk, named Zangoku.

And that's not even going into the "accurate once you edit out the racism" rants of one HP Lovecraft, even if Humanity's Best Friend TM Nyarlathotep has eschewed his Nikola Tesla disguise in favor of being a teenaged, vaguely Middle Eastern clerk of Anime At The Gates - while wearing a Naruto headband, candy corn horns, unsealed grey paint, and a yaoi paddle. At least the Mi-Go are perfectly happy to just laser attempts to summon Shub-Niggurath from orbit and have a peace treaty with the UN Security council... (okay, THAT'S just from the Nyarthalhotech games.)

Hell, maybe even the Arcana would count as Ancient Ones if you had the security clearance. Who wants to know, Citizen?

Paranormal powers tend to erupt/awaken/whatever the kids are calling it these days in the teens, a volatile time for people emotionally. When you mix hormones with parapsychic or sorcerous talent, particularly if the spells involve the words "IA IA FTAGHN" at any point, things get ugly fast. Most of the nations of the world have systems in place for making sure those kids get the training and psychological treatment they need to become productive members of society. (Well, the ones that survived the Xanthic Storm attempting to summon Shub-Niggurath, and the ensuing orbital bombardment by Mi-go battleships.)

For everyone else, there's Occultar Academy.

Occultar Academy is located on the remote Occultar Island, just off the coast of DATA EXPUNGED in the Pacific REDACTED. It is wholly run by the Foundation, the premier paragovernmental Occult law enforcement arm of the global government. It won't take in everyone. But it will take in everyone that deserves a second chance.

(Which foundation? That's above your security clearance, citizen. In the playtests it was the Miskatonic Foundation as a nod to Lovecraft; I tend to joke that it's the SCP Foundation when I run Breakfast Cult.)

Make no mistake, Occultar is a hella great place to live and study. The cafeteria is killer, the Student Council has real power to direct student life, the clubs are superbly well funded, the village a short ride off campus has a real mall and a real arcade, and the education is top-notch. The Foundation has spared no expense in making Occultar Academy somewhere you'd be perfectly happy to spend your entire high school career living.

That's because they have to. Every student there is at LEAST a Euclid-class SCP, and the school is the nicest, most pleasant internment camp that a parapsychic, sorcerer, or hick that ate the thing from Parasyte could get disappeared to. And it's on top of the Forbidden Section, a clearinghouse of other shit that the Foundation has yet to move to another, more secure location.

Each game of Breakfast Cult starts when some yahoo from the school breaks into the vault and messes with a Keter-class artifact.

(PS: I did NOT make up Weeaboo Nyarlathotep. That is CANONICALLY a mask of Nyarly in Breakfast Cult, by way of the NyarlathoTech games on Something Awful!)

CANON PERSONALITY: Madoka Mawaru is all energy, all go, wrapped up in a bubble of shining popcultural froth and video game addiction... wrapped around a core of carbon steel that's been battered and folded 108 times to get that killer edge.

Outwardly, she's your typical bubbly geek, Queen Dweeb of the Dweeb tribe. She's in the Anime Club, the Video Game Club, and the Summoners Club (for people who play Pentagram Summoners, a TCG; the SummonING club is a different beast), and attends all of them without fail while somehow maintaining a B average. She's happiest in competition or when she gets to show off the contents of her enormous brain. She'll happily kick your ass, your dog's ass, and her own ass in a fighting game or an RTS if you give her half the chance, and she's an excellent computational sorcerer simply because she actually reads the textbook and asks the teacher questions.

She will cheerfully make jokes about her wheelchair when people ask her to do stuff someone with a wheelchair is not advised to do, a la Toph Bei Fong regarding her own blindness - often with a wheelie for emphasis (hence half of her username). It's usually cool, though - she's over it. Heck, this version of her lost the use of her legs in a car accident; it wasn't even lost to some cool eldritch ritual or a monster fight or anything.

Madoka also will not say fuck. She says "eff," like a proper effin lady and/or Skull from Persona 5.

Once the going gets weird, however, this weirdo turns pro. She has no idea how anyone didn't find out her secrets for three Keter-class containment breaches running, but she does know that she knows more than anyone of her age, at her security clearance, should know about the Ancient Ones and how to fight them. She suspects she got slam-dunked into the Breakfast Cult (the usual nickname for the saps thrown into detention when the dimensions hit the fan) three times running because the Headmaster suspects and tacitly approves of her slicing up evil cultists who are dumb enough to invoke the Ancient Ones, but she's not about to test that theory when she can just solve the mystery and dunk on the cultists.

One arm of her wheelchair hides a katana, and her phone has been jailbroken with all sorts of sick combat evocation apps; she also counts on enemies to underestimate how devastating getting run over by a motorized wheelchair can be. She's not exactly infiltrating the school as one of the anti-evil magic cultists of the Shinigami. But she's not passing up the chance to pass info along.

The world doesn't need another outbreak like the Xanthic Storm's ill-advised summoning attempt. She will do anything in her power to stop it, up to and including sacrificing her life.

Large swathes of this are based either on my headcanon or the original source material that became Breakfast Cult, this being Paul "Ettin" Matijevic's AU Cthuhutech games on Something Awful. Only the stuff about the basic premise, the Ancient Ones, and Occultar itself should be taken as any kind of gospel. It's also based on Six Feats Under's podcast game, which very quickly became canon for the game as a whole.

Madoka being a secret member of the Shinigami anti-black magic hit squad is canon only 1/3 of the time; this is one of the three possible Secret Agendas she can have rolled up for her before any given campaign/one shot. The others are "can summon horrific Pokethulhu creatures but She Would Prefer Not To" and "killing her unleashes an alien from the Yamatai city of Mu that's out for revenge." I just picked the one with the most interesting ramifications for characterization. Feel free, of course, to use the other two for inspiration when she's infiltrating.

Eff yeah she's a Veteran, coming in from Harrowgate, Doki Doki, and the Grid. The only one of those she Investigated was Doki Doki, and she's furious that she didn't have a chance to shield everyone from doing something stupid like, say, actually performing the King in Yellow oh my effin god. She's got X-Pression with Audiocaudial Syndrome (fox ears and tail) and some S-Tech for her flowcharts and Sick Tunez; I'd also like her to have Control Panel. Anything she might have learned from Harrowgate she already knew (seriously, seriously, Dungeon-inducing levels of Not Okay with that Jaunt). She'll be coming in via (handwaved) Dungeon Rescue!

She's a computational sorcerer with several apps on her phone for instantly calculating evocations and drawing summoning circles on the fly. She CAN cast these spells on her own, but that takes time, effort, math, and calligraphy on ofuda; much faster to press a button and use a magical RFID code instead.

She's capable of more tricks in her wheelchair than some people can do on foot, and highly adept at using it as a weapon when she needs to. She likes to call this the "Iron Chariot Style of Martial Arts." Literally no one else, not even in the Shinigami, calls it that. She also has a katana hidden in that thing and knows how to use it because of course she does.

She's a huge fuckin nerd that's officially good at video games and can extrapolate from that to real-world battle strategy. I'm not even kidding; this is explicitly a Stunt on her character sheet. If she can compare her battle strategy to a similar strategy in a video game, she's better at it.

She also has her world's equivalent of Eldritch Defense and Eldritch Knowledge, which doesn't map precisely but includes magical best practices such as the oft-cited USE A RUNE WHEN YOU ATTUNE and don't read the play about the King in Yellow out loud, you nitwit. (Seriously. Super, super salty about that). Too many friends and fellow students died learning that info and passing it on to her; she's going to make it count.

Oh, and she's a chipper, cheerful Queen Dweeb of the Dweeb Trives with endless trivia about anime and it's associated tropes that makes friends and confidantes easily, and who people can easily trust.


Her wheelchair, a jailbroken ePhone with several occultech apps for casting spells of variable legality, a hidden katana in one arm of her chair, a handhold game console with several games, two Pentagram Summoners decks and a binder of same in a backpack, a notebook, a pen, and a bag of shitty sodas and chips from Tote-Em-Snax, the local 7-11 equivalent.

Breakfast Cult... is good.

M A R K S;
this time I'll list them in order of preference instead of in number order like a moron

Chariot. Her solution to life's problems is simple: keep calm and run them over. She's not stopping for anyone when lives are on the line, and would like nothing more than Humanity's freedom from the corrupting influence of the Ancient Ones. Not to mention that she started out her tabletop game OC career as the Breakfast Cult author's Chariot-Arcana Persona-user, or that you know she'll call him Best Pony in character.

Strength. For many of the same reasons she'd make a fine member of Team Chariot, she'd make a great member of Durga's team. She got a lot farther with a kind word, a friendly match, and the knowledge that she's got a katana if she needs it than she did with any of these alone. She's not about to shout friendship speeches, but she recognizes the need for rapport, empathy, and soft power backed by razor steel.

Death. Her not-a-cult are called the Shinigami for a reason; they end things. Only occasionally with literal killing, either - it's a good day when they end them with words or arcane knowledge instead. Madoka is here to end crises. She's here to make sure that people live to get a diploma, to transition into adulthood and full control of their powers. She would appreciate Death's regard for life, and his desire to just let things end. And she's prepared to sell her own life, if the price is right.

Magician. She's all about control of eldritch forces, of seizing power and knowledge and keeping it contained and focused into something useful. She's harnessed cold hard equations into summoning searing flame. ROSE would get a kick out of computational sorcery, and Madoka would love to explain the basics... to anyone who wouldn't immediately try to summon Cthulhu with it.

Sun. Sun's a stretch. But Madoka is about uncovering the plots of the Ancient Ones and their cults and helped to solve 3 supernatural murder mysteries before even going on Jaunts, and revealing ancient horrors so she can sear them with fire is admittedly one of her favorite pasttimes.

VETO: Subtle is for other people. While she keeps being a member of a totally-not-a-cult-guys a secret because she has to, she much prefers honesty and directness. Veto MOON.

S A M P L E S;
ACTIONSPAM SAMPLE: Guns that magically transform people? What could go wrong?
PROSE SAMPLE: But what are your thoughts on Synodiporia?
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Breakfast Cult is a Fate Accelerated tabletop RPG about school days and the END OF DAYS, where a band of plucky high school students of the occult at Occultar Academy for Lovecraftian wizards are thrown into detention because SOME ASSHOLE decided to mess with a Keter Class artifact in the forbidden section downstairs.

It uses the eldritch Ancient Ones (read, lawyer friendly Great Old Ones) as a metaphor for various forces that make teenagers feel powerless at the hands of adults and adult society Ancient One spoilers ) It's dark comedy at it's finest.

Madoka Mawaru is an example character, suitable for play as a starting character or as an NPC. This, in particular, is her as Secret Agenda spoilers )

She's a wheelchair-bound video game nerd in pretty much all the major geek clubs at school; no one knows how she keeps her grades up when her life outside of class is an endless parade of anime and competitive fighting games/RTSes. She's a decent computational sorcerer when armed with her Occultar Academy standard issue ePhone, which has apps for drawing summoning circles and casting spells as well as most of her textbooks.

She knows a LOT MORE about the Ancient Ones than maybe she should, and has been in the detention crew (AKA the Breakfast Cult) a lot when there were containment breaches. Madoka figures by now it's because the Headmaster wants her to keep solving those cases, which she has helped to do, multiple times.

She is super pissed that she was Infiltrating as someone who didn't know the King in Yellow from a Dairy Queen at Harrowgate, and coined the term "Screwfiltrated" to describe it.


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